Souraya Stephanie Nasri


Souraya S. Nasri is a Consultant at SEEK Development. Souraya joined SEEK through the On Purpose Associate Program. On Purpose is a leadership development program for talented and experienced young professionals who are motivated to harness commercial thinking to create social and environmental benefit.

Souraya is assisting SEEK in the fields of business development, change management, and communications, driving the further development of SEEK’s business model and client relationships. Souraya also supports work on the Donor Tracker, a free, independent website for development professionals that provides strategic information and analysis on 14 major OECD donors.

Prior to joining On Purpose Berlin and SEEK Development, Souraya worked as a Project Manager at Oceanic Fruits Shipping and Trading GmbH & Co and co-founded 180 Degree Consulting Hamburg as Director of Partnership. She studied business psychology and is certified as a Change Management Coach from the University of Hamburg.