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SEEK Development supports its clients with core competencies in four service areas:

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Strategy and policy formulation

Capturing new development opportunities requires strategic focus as well as viable policies and operational frameworks to allow successful implementation. We support our clients through analysis and synthesis of the information critical for strategic decision-making and in the development of strategy and policy recommendations. We also facilitate strategy workshops or conferences and provide other process management expertise to support effective deliberations, especially in multi-stakeholder settings. In doing so, we always work closely with our clients as the owners and eventual implementers of the strategy.

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Enterprise development

Organizations are living systems that need to evolve and grow to be successful, especially in situations of external or internal change. We support our clients in creating and maintaining the structural and managerial conditions for operating as high performing, transparent entities. We work closely with the leadership of the client organization, assisting in the diagnosis of areas needing attention and bringing content and process expertise to successfully address identified issues. We bring particularly strong expertise in team and leadership coaching, board development, and in talent and performance management.

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Evaluation of organizations, projects and programs

Managers, policy makers and funders alike use evaluations

  • to determine the impact of their work and investments against objectives
  • to assess the effectiveness of organizational or governance structures and
  • to identify improvement opportunities.

By combining rigorous evaluation methodology, strong knowledge of international development issues, and cross-cutting strategic and organizational skills, SEEK Development produces high quality evaluations of organizations, projects and programs. We take particular care in ensuring that our evaluations meet the needs of our clients and that they always conclude with practical recommendations for action.

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Knowledge creation and dissemination

Improving the evidence and knowledge base for informed decision and policy making in international development is of critical importance to us. We work with a range of organizations in knowledge creation projects and also disseminate this knowledge through teaching, publications and participation in international conferences and meetings. We have recently partnered with the Global Health Group at the University of California San Francisco to launch E2Pi, the Evidence to Policy Initiative, whose mission it is to bridge the gap between rigorous evidence and practical policy making in global health and development.