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Knowledge creation and dissemination

  • SEEK Development collaborated with a network of global education experts and economists to lead the development of a background paper on the costs and benefits of education on health, which was presented at the side event of the Oslo Summit on Education for Development. The study, which was funded by Norad, finds substantial returns on health from investments in education.
  • Development of the DONOR Tracker, an open-access, web-based platform providing analysis on development cooperation policies and funding of the eight biggest European donors. The platform offers donor profiles on decision-making and financing, a budget and decision tracker and comparative policy analysis. Start-up funding for the platform is provided by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • Creation of the Evidence to Policy Initiative (E2Pi) in partnership with the Global Health Group at the University of California. The initiative is dedicated to narrowing the gap between evidence synthesis and practical policy making to support informed decision making in global health. E2Pi is led by Sir Richard Feachem, Director of the Global Health Group, and Dr. Gavin Yamey, E2Pi Lead. SEEK Development is its main strategic partner.
  • Development of a background note on HIV and human rights in Europe for the conference “Right to health, right to life: High Level Meeting on HIV and Human Rights in the European Union and its Neighbouring Countries” (Brussels, 27-28 May 2013). The background note provides an overview of the critical human rights and legal issues within the HIV responses in the EU and neighbouring countries. Commissioned by the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS).
  • Development of technical assistance "profiles" for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. The profiles provide information about technical assistance for HIV/AIDS, TB, and malaria provided by key Global Fund donors. The profiles aim to serve as an open-access resource for Global Fund staff, bilaterals, country stakeholders, and the broader global health community.
  • Development of a series of global progress sheets on eight major global health challenges for the 'Living Proof Project', a communications and advocacy campaign spearheaded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The sheets, designed for policy makers, synthesize the latest evidence on progress in tackling HIV, TB, malaria, polio, neglected tropical diseases, immunization, nutrition, and maternal, neonatal, and child health. They document international and domestic investments as well as upcoming challenges.