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Executive and organizational development

  • Development of recommendations to optimize the World Health Organization’s (WHO) resource mobilization approach based on rigorous analyses of the landscape for global health financing, thorough evaluation of the organizational approach, and benchmarking of leading organizations in the field of global health. The Strategic Framework presented includes both recommended strategic priorities and a transformed operating model for Resource Mobilization in order to deliver more and more sustainable resources for the organization.
  • Comprehensive and organizational management review for the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI).
  • Creation of an M&E Framework that captures the advocacy work under way by the Africa Progress Panel (APP), an exciting new initiative chaired by Kofi Annan.
  • Support to the European Office of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in organizing its operating model, including development of a consulting approach to support the formation in 8 European countries.
  • Strategic advice to PMNCH in developing recommendations for a potential financing mechanism on RMNCH .
  • Various executive and team development workshops for a range of organizations.
  • Individual leadership coaching for executives and managers in private and public sector settings.