Isabela Vera

Student Assistant

Isabela is an editorial assistant at SEEK Development, working on content for the Donor Tracker while continuing her studies in Berlin. She has a background in editorial, communications, and international development.

Prior to joining SEEK, Isabela worked with GIZ Nepal, where she contributed to the development, implementation, and assessment of program strategies for an entrepreneurship and technical education program for women in remote communities affected by Nepal’s 2015 earthquake. She has also gained experience as a microfinance project coordinator with Dalit Solidarity, was an editor with alive magazine, and was a communications associate with SEEK Ltd. (no connection with SEEK Development), Australia. In addition to her work at SEEK Development, Isabela currently serves as an executive editor of The Governance Post, an online policy magazine focused on global governance, health and social policy, and digitalisation.

Isabela holds a BA (Hons) in Sociology and Professional Writing and Publishing from the University of Victoria and Utrecht University. She will complete a Master of International Affairs at the Hertie School of Governance in December 2017.